Where and how to buy Organic products:


Organic products can only be produced and sold by certified producers and processors.


Only pre-packed products can be sold from outlets that are not certified as Organic and all products have to be labelled with all the Producer details, contents and the Certification Body.


Claims by anyone who it fraudulently trying to give the impression that his products are Organic, for example Bla Bexx (without sprays) is not guaranteed by anyone and customers purchasing such products are doing so at their own risk.


All Organic producers and processors are checked on a regular basis by a Certification Body that is authorised by the Certification Authority as per the Organic Regulation (Organic - Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007) http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/organic/eu-policy/legislation_en


Loose item and by weight can only be sold from Organic Certified locations/farmers.


You can download the List Of Certified Organic Farmers, Processors and Importers that are compliant to the Council Regulation EC 834/2007 from the MCCAA webpage.